GT4 crash video: Drivers escape serious injury after huge airborne crash metres from finish line at Red Bull Ring

Jorg Viebahn and Rosen Daskalov came together on the final corner

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Drivers Jorg Viebahn and Rosen Daskalov remarkably escaped serious injury after crashing on the final corner of their GT4 European Series championship race on Sunday.

The pair were competing for position as they raced for the chequered flag but ended up going off track when their cars came together.

Viebahn's Aston Martin was turned sideways after squeezing Daskalov's Sin R1 GT4 to the edge of the Red Bull Ring circuit in Austria. It left the drivers powerless to stop their cars hurtling into the barrier.

Viebahn's car was thrown high into the air and such was the impact that a tyre flew across the track towards the put lane.


Incredibly, both drivers walked away from the crash.