Guy Martin latest: Superbike racer releases himself from hospital after Dundrod 150 crash

English rider suffered a number of injuries in the incident

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Guy Martin is understood to have signed himself out of hospital following his high-speed crash in the Dundrod 150 Superbike race.

Shocking footage of the crash emerged following his accident last Thursday, from which the popular rider and TV personality fractured his vertebrae, sternum and a number of ribs. He is also thought to have damaged his right hand.

After initially appearing okay after coming off his Tyco BMW at a speed in excess of 100mph, Martin was taken to Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. There he is reported to have had steel rods inserted in his back and a pin in his hand.

But despite the severity of the accident, Martin is believed to have since released himself from hospital and sounded in good spirits judging by his latest tweet.

"I'm on the mend - few upgrades to me hand & back but feel right enough," he wrote. "All part of the job. Thanks very much for the support as always."


He added on Facebook: "Need a bit of rest but think I'll be back at work by Tuesday. Thanks very much for all the support as always."

The crash happened with Martin battling with rival Bruce Anstey on the final lap of the race. He lost control on the Ireland's section of the Co Antrim circuit which sent the 33-year-old flying from his bike.

Watch the incident below...


Martin missed the Ulster Grand Prix races at Dundrod last Saturday.