Head of BMW tells FIA not to meddle with teams

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The head of the BMW Formula One team, Mario Theissen, yesterday offered a robust rebuttal of the proposals of the sport's governing body, FIA, to limit teams' use of technical resources.

Addressing proposals such as a limit of eight hours' use of wind tunnels per day, and caps on the number of technical staff teams may employ, Theissen said: "My view is that it would turn Formula One into a sport for disabled competitors. First, it would not be equal, because teams come from different baselines. Second, it is almost impossible to police. And third, I think the challenge is to spend your resources in the way you get the most performance. If a team decide to spend a lot of money on drivers, it should be possible that another spends a lot on a computer, or on a wind tunnel.

"If you really want to limit the use of expensive tools, you should start with tools that are not common in Formula One, not with those which are already there."

Theissen, speaking in Munich as BMW launched their new car, said he was more in favour of budget capping. "Cost reduction certainly is desirable. We support that."

He added: "I hope our car will enable our drivers [Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica] to fight for top positions, but it will take another year to really be settled and mature enough to go through an entire season with such an ambition."