If you don't want to know the result, look away now: BBC apologise after revealing Lewis Hamilton finished in pole position

Highlights of qualifying for the German Grand Prix had not been aired

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The BBC has apologised for revealing who finished on pole position for the German Grand Prix before the highlights were broadcast.

Fans watching BBC1's coverage of Wimbledon were told that Lewis Hamilton had qualified fastest during a plug for coverage of the following day's race. Yet, highlights of qualifying in which the Mercedes driver finished on pole, had yet to be aired.

More than 700 viewers complained about the blunder and the BBC says it has taken steps to ensure a similar incident is avoided.

"The reference to Lewis Hamilton having secured pole position in the Formula One German Grand Prix Qualifying earlier that day was an unfortunate error made by the Wimbledon production team," the corporation said:

"The intention was to promote BBC1's coverage of the German Grand Prix final the following day but, in doing so, the team failed to realise that at that point BBC1's highlights of the qualifying had yet to be broadcast.

"We apologise for this error and that it affected some viewers' enjoyment of our qualifying highlights programme. BBC Sport have reminded their teams of the importance of checking transmission schedules before such promotions."