Jordan aim to offer style and substance

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The new Jordan-Honda was flown here in an Airbus by the team's new title sponsor, DHL, and delivered to its owner in a cavernous hangar. Eddie Jordan has always had a liking for a new trick, but he acknowledges it is time for substance as well as show.

"It's time we won again," the Irishman said before the car was flown away again, this time to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, the opening round of the Formula One World Championship, on Sunday week.

"It's going to be the most open championship for years and that's fantastic. But it is worth remembering that only four of the current teams have won Grands Prix – the recognised top three, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, plus ourselves.

"To win you have to have a huge amount of luck as well as all the other elements. You can't discount the likes of Sauber, while Renault will be very strong."

The Italian Fisichella, back at the team he drove for in 1997, is partnered by Japan's Takuma Sato, who won all but one race on his way to the British Formula Three Championship last season.

"Fisichella is without doubt one of the top three drivers in the world," Jordan said. "You have to recognise Michael Schumacher's position as No 1 but I believe Fisichella is one of the two who might, in the future, be capable of challenging him. But of course he needs the car and the backing to have that possibility.

"Sato is here on merit. He is here because he has the talent. What he achieved in Formula Three is truly remarkable."