Kamui Kobayashi admits he wants a return to Formula One...then crashes a Ferrari at a promo event

Former Sauber driver does his quest for a return no favours at all when he wrote off the Ferrari on the streets of Moscow

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Kamui Kobayashi didn't do his claims for a Formula One return any favours when he managed to crash a 2009 Ferrari heavily into a wall during a promotional run on the wet streets of Moscow.

The former Sauber driver, who was released at the end of last season following three years with the team after he joined them in 2010 from Toyota, was doing a demo run for fans in Russia, although the conditions were hardly ideal for driving a car that produces in excess of 720 bhp.

Dubbed 'Kobaycrashy' during his time in F1 due to the number of accidents he had, the Japanese driver was able to return to the makeshift track in a spare car that the Ferrari mechanics quickly prepared, meaning that the expectant crowd were not left disappointed.

"The track was very slippery and there was a marked bump at that point, which is why I hit the barrier," admitted Kobayashi, who now races for Ferrari in their GT programme that recently took part at the Le Mans 24 hours.

"A shame, but I am pleased the team let me out again after a few minutes."

The crash came rather embarrassingly after Kobayashi had bemoaned the number 'pay drivers' currently filling the grid in F1.

"At the moment, there are many teams who prefer to choose their drivers based on how much money they can bring, rather than on their ability on track," he said.

"I hope this trend will change, because my aim is to be back there as soon as possible and I am working hard to succeed."

Kobayshi lost his drive despite bringing his own financial backing of £6.5m through fans and businesses via a website appeal.

He finished fifth in the GTE-Pro class at Le Mans along with co-drivers Toni Vilander and Olivier Beretta, and he is currently competing in all eight rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Watch the crash below...