Lewis Hamilton reveals improved relationship with father

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed his relationship with father Anthony is far healthier now compared to the strain they often endured last year.

Just two weeks prior to last season Lewis stunned the Formula One world when he axed Anthony as his manager, which resulted in a sad period of silence between the two.

The decision significantly impacted on Lewis, both off and on track as there were occasions when he was forced to handle his own affairs, whilst the impasse also affected his performances.

Only once last season did Anthony revisit the paddock for a grand prix, that being the British at Silverstone in July to see one of his clients in Scotland's Paul di Resta.

But this season Hamilton Snr will again be a frequent visitor after playing his part in helping Di Resta secure a full-time race seat with Force India.

As far as the younger Hamilton is concerned, he will be happy to see his dad around again on a more consistent basis.

"He's done a fantastic job to get Paul in," said Lewis of Anthony.

"Clearly he is very gifted at getting drivers into Formula One, which is fantastic.

"It means he is obviously going to be coming to work and support Paul, but he is my dad so he will naturally be up and down (the paddock), but things are going really well with him."

The thawing in relations has had an effect as Hamilton admits he is far more content with his life right now, affirming his father's recent assertion he is extra motivated this year.

"I just feel things in my life are much better now, and I feel in a much better place, that I'm able to focus even more energy on to winning than I've done in the past," added Hamilton.

"But every year I've always approached it the same. Sometimes your training doesn't go as well, sometimes you're more drained by appearances or certain things you do.

"Whereas this year things have been a lot clearer and the training has been a lot more productive, and I'm feeling a lot better about the car.

"Of course, I always want it more. I can never want it enough."

In addition, Hamilton has confirmed he is due to appoint a new manager, he hopes within the next two weeks.

The 26-year-old was back on track yesterday for the first time since the final day of last season in Abu Dhabi in mid-November.

But with McLaren not unveiling their new car until tomorrow in Berlin, it meant Hamilton ran in last year's car, with his brief to evaluate new tyre supplier Pirelli's rubber.

Hamilton finished fourth quickest overall behind Fernando Alonso and current champion Sebastian Vettel, in their new Ferrari and Red Bull respectively, with Di Resta third, but in last year's Force India.