Lewis Hamilton wins 2014 F1 championship: Hamilton family fly in at the 11th hour to spur Mercedes driver on to title glory

Hamilton's family and girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger watched on from the pit-lane as he claimed his second F1 title having arrived in Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning

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Anthony Hamilton has admitted to making an 11th-hour decision to fly to Abu Dhabi and roar on son Lewis to his second Formula One world championship.

The Hamilton family initially decided it would be in Lewis' best interests to leave him to focus on his title-deciding weekend without any outside distractions.

Although Hamilton insisted being on his own was for the best, it was a decision he ultimately came to regret as the race approached.

Anthony said: "He had no idea we were going to come.

"Initially we wanted him to be fully focused on the job, not to have loads of family around.


"But then we got chatting on Saturday and I could tell he was missing us, so I said to Linda (Lewis' step-mum) 'Quick, check the flights!'

"Thankfully there were still some seats and we headed straight to the airport.

"Even as we were sat on the runway we were still texting one another, and then Lewis said 'What do you think Dad?'

"I said 'I'm not sure Lewis, but tomorrow is going to be a good day'. And I left it like that.

"I just felt regardless of what happened, whether he won the title or not, he was going to need us."

Expressing his delight at his son's achievement, Hamilton senior added: "I am even more proud because he's done it on his own.

"He's had lots of family support but he's made decisions himself, he's driven the thing himself and he's now a double world champion.

"It's an amazing journey and it's not even over yet. The best is yet to come."

Lewis was naturally relieved his family were ultimately on hand to celebrate what he has described as "the greatest day of my life".

Hamilton jnr said: "I went out to the beach last night and I was messaging with my dad and I said 'Guys, I would love you to be here, but know I'm working away. I'm not out having dinner or all these different things. I'm trying to make you proud'.

"Then they turned up in the morning. He must have been at the airport while he was doing it (texting).

"My family are the ones that got me into racing, they're the ones that sacrificed everything to get me to where I am today.

"Who you see today is because of them, a reflection of them, so being here without them didn't feel right.

"They have every right to be here to enjoy it with me, so I'm just grateful they were here."

Lewis Hamilton's brother Nicolas, father Anthony and girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger

Along with Anthony, Linda and popstar girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, brother Nicolas was also on hand for support, resulting in an emotional family reunion over breakfast at Lewis' hotel.

"When we arrived this morning it brought a tear to his eye, it really meant something," said Nicolas, speaking to Press Association Sport.

"That's what we're all about as a family. The Hamilton family is very tight-knit, we're in it together.

"For this year, though, we weren't around as much, we let Lewis focus on the job - you don't bring your family to work.

"For this race we didn't come on a jolly, we came here to support Lewis when he needed it most, and today he needed it.

"I'm glad we brought some positive energy, it shows how strong the family are, and it's just great to be a part of it."