Max Verstappen crash video: Toro Rosso driver lucky to walk away after high-speed crash during 2015 Monaco Grand Prix

Verstappen hit the back off Romain Grosjean before spearing into the tyre barrier

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Max Verstappen was extremely lucky to walk away from a serious crash during the Monaco Grand Prix after hitting the Lotus of Romain Grosjean and spearing into the tyre barrier.

Verstappen was one of the drivers to watch on the streets of Monte Carlo, as he mounted a recovery drive from a poor pit stop to charge through the field. Latching onto the back of the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen who was lapping the field, Verstappen was able to pull off a number of moves on those in front of him by following the Finn through.

However, Grosjean was wise to the move, and let Raikkonen through around the outside of the Loews hairpin before closing the door on the 17-year-old.



They duly went to battle for tenth place with a final championship point up for grabs, and it was the Toro Rosso man who launched his car up the side of Grosjean’s heading into the turn one Sainte Devote.

Verstappen misjudged his move though, and ploughed into the back of the Lotus, tearing his front-left wheel off his car and sending him at high speed straight-on in to the tyre barrier.

Watch the videos of the crash below:


The replays showed the enormity of the impact along with the gasps from the watching fans, but a round of applause went up when Verstappen emerged from his cockpit unaided and amazingly walked away, before making a mandatory trip to the medical centre.

Once it was confirmed that Verstappen was ok, Grosjean had some choice words for his opponent over his team radio that couldn’t be broadcast, but both drivers can consider themselves lucky to have escaped serious injury in a scary accident.