Mosley threatens renegades

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Max Mosley yesterday further whetted the glistening edge of the Sword of Damocles that he holds poised over Formula One when he reiterated that if the renegade teams do not like the rules he insists on pushing through for 2010, they are at liberty to withdraw and start their own series.

Yet again, another day of grand prix practice was memorable more for what was happening off the track than on it.

The Formula One Teams Association vice-president John Howett made some earnest comments and stressed the teams do not want a war with Mosley, but he could not disguise the difficulties they face as another of their number, Force India, were suspended for defecting to Mosley's FIA camp. Mosley's long-term aim to undermine the hitherto rock-solid union of teams finally appears to be bearing fruit.

On the track, Nico Rosberg set the morning pace for Williams and Heikki Kovalainen the afternoon's for McLaren, but it was a day for set-up work rather than conclusive fast lap times. And for endless speculation about the sport's future.