Mosley's reforms given approval

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At the Formula One Commission meeting in Park Lane, London, Mosley's proposal for a package of changes that included a major redesign of cars' rear wings to encourage overtaking, was approved in principle by team owners (pending consultation with the technical working group) for introduction in 2007. Mosley believes the centreline downwash generating wing will generate more overtaking by cleaning up the "dirty air" in a car's slipstream.

The other key parts of Mosley's package were also approved. Less popular was the proposal to reintroduce tyre changes during races next season. The Michelin teams wanted to retain the system under which teams had to qualify and race on one set of tyres. Sources suggest Bridgestone-shod Ferrari supported a return to tyre changes. There will be slick tyres and single tyre supply from 2007.

Commission members also agreed a new format for qualifying devised by the commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone. From 2006 qualifying will be split, with the slowest five drivers eliminated after each of two 15-minute sessions. The remaining 10 drivers will then fight for pole position during the final 20 minutes.

The changes will be ratified when the World Motor Sport Council meets in Rome tomorrow, or at the latest in December.