Nascar crash sees 12 cars involved and one upside down - drivers escape injury but one fan is sent to hospital after being hit by debris

Miraculous escape for drivers and fans

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A fan at the Daytona International speedway was sent to hospital being struck by debris following a huge 12-car crash at the Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.

Miraculously, no driver was injured during the huge crash with Austin Dillon walking away despite turning upside down as he flew through the air.

The massive crash saw Austin Dillon's car fly into the catchfence, sending debris flying into the crowd. Officials said one spectator had to be taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Thirteen spectators in total were medically evaluated, according to president of the speedway Joie Chitwood III, with eight declining treatment, four being treated on site and one taken to hospital in a stable condition.

"I'm really proud of the fact that the fence worked," Chitwood III told CNN. "We will take this situation, we will learn from it, we will analyse it."


Dillon drives in the No 3 car, the same that killed Dale Earnhardt Sr at the Daytona 500 in 2001.