Overtaking to be encouraged at F1 night race

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Organisers of the Singapore Grand Prix are to introduce minor changes to the Marina Bay street circuit in order to increase potential overtaking opportunities for this year's race.

While the running of Formula One's first-ever night race last September was largely considered a success, Fernando Alonso's victory owed more to excellent strategy allied to other drivers' misfortune rather than the Spaniard carving his way through the field from 15th on the grid.

Following consultation with both the FIA and the teams, alterations will be made at turns one, 13 and 14, while road surface improvements will take place at turns five, six and seven.

The pit lane entry and exit and the run-off area at turn 22 will also be revised.

"While the circuit and the event exceeded expectations around the world, as with any brand new event, there are always things which we now know we can do better," said technical and race operations director, Michael McDonough.

"Minor modifications are proposed on the track, at turns one, seven and 14 in order to improve overtaking opportunities whilst the main changes will be to the pit entry and pit exit to provide added margins of safety for cars entering and leaving the pit lane."

Turn one will see kerbing installed to stop cars using the concrete verge to take a wider line, while the corner speed will be reduced to encourage more overtaking under braking.

The corner speed of turn 13 following the Anderson Bridge will be increased to allow cars to carry more speed down the Esplanade Drive and the apex of turn 14 will then be relocated to improve overtaking chances in the braking zone.