Reynolds revived as team-mate muscles out Hislop

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John Reynolds enjoyed a little help from a friend yesterday in reducing the British Superbike Championship lead of Steve Hislop, as his fellow Red Bull Ducati rider Sean Emmett muscled in on a previously exclusive battle to bolster his team-mate's title chances.

Hislop, who had a 20-point lead, was forced into a first race mistake as Emmett blocked his route towards a late challenge for Reynolds' lead. Hislop, was forced to run wide and negotiated the gravel trap and grass verge with the expertise of a motocross rider, rejoined the race. But he lost any hope of making an impression on the Red Bull team's domination.

''I think I caught Emmett's leg on the way through and got my braking all wrong. I was lucky to get through that gluepot and finish the race,'' said a relieved Hislop.

However Emmett's assistance was not required in the second race as Reynolds won in blistering style from pole position. With Hislop second, the points difference was reduced to seven, with five rounds left.

Niall Mackenzie made a one-off return from retirement and finished in fifth and fourth places respectively.