Spa 24 Hours 2014: Bas Leinders captures stunning picture of lorry hanging over massive drop with Eau Rouge in the background

A lorry driver managed to drive off the edge of the paddock area, pushing a car off it in the process

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The Spa 24 Hours came to a nail-biting finish on Sunday, as the Audi driven by Rene Rast passed BMW’s Dirk Werner with just 15 minutes left of the day-long race. The action was so enthralling that fans couldn’t take their eyes off the famous track in Belgium, but one observer wanted to get a better view of the track.

With the paddock packed up and ready to vacate the Ardennes Forest, a lorry driver responsible for transporting the expensive thoroughbred endurance cars somehow managed to drive off the edge of the paddock area, leaving his truck teetering on the edge of a large drop and pushing a car off the verge in the process.

Bas Leinders, team principle of the BMW Sports TrophyTeam Marc VDS team, tweeted the picture, adding that nobody was hurt in the incident and that the MarcVDS team van had been parked below juts an hour earlier.

The picture was all the more impressive as it managed to capture the legendary Eau Rouge corner in the background, with Leinders joking: “Not much to see on track but this truckie still wanted a better view of #eaurouge.”

Leinders added: “I can confirm that the car on his roof was parked upstairs...our @marcvdsracing van was parked below 1 hour earlier. Nobody hurt...”


Despite stopping in time to prevent what would be a disastrous drop, the same cannot be said for a car that was in front of it, which can be seen in the picture at the bottom of the drop on its roof. Not ideal.

Laurens Vanthoor, Markus Winkelhock and Rast clinched victory to give Audi the win in the No 1 R8, overtaking the BMW Z4 of Lucas Luhr, Dirk Werner and Markus Palttala in the closing stages to win the race by just seven seconds.

Audi rounded out the podium as the No 3 car of Christopher Mies, Frank Stippler and Briton’s James Nash secured third in the sister car to the winning trio, and is the second time this season that Audi have won a 24 hour race after their success at the Le Mans 24 Hours in June.