Stewart wins drivers' club vote

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Sir Jackie Stewart routed his enemies decisively yesterday as members of the British Racing Drivers' Club voted to defeat a motion to strip him of his joint roles of president and board member.

The Scot had been vilified in an acrimonious personal feud with businessman Ray Bellm, sacked as the club's chairman in January after signing a five-year deal with Bernie Ecclestone to safeguard the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which is owned by the club.

"I have never experienced anything this severe in my life," the former world champion said. "My integrity and credibility are being questioned. There has been a vicious campaign to discredit me by a number of people who have created a chain of misinformation." Among those who spoke on behalf of Stewart were Red Bull Racing team leader David Coulthard, and commentator Murray Walker.

After the meeting, Stewart said: "I am now looking forward to helping the club move forward and hope that we can continue with our plans to protect the future of the race and the circuit."