Stoddart wants changes to 'boring' F1

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Former Minardi boss Paul Stoddart has joined the call for immediate changes to be made to spice up Formula One.

The outspoken Australian has described the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix eight days ago as "drop-dead boring," and has left him worried for the future of the sport.

"At certain tracks, the racing will be very boring," Stoddart told the Herald Sun ahead of this weekend's race in Melbourne.

"That's not good for Formula One or the business of Formula One.

"In Monaco, cars will be able to run the full distance without stopping. That's not good.

"There are some races, like Valencia, where it will be so boring that people will walk out or fall asleep.

"In this case, common sense needs to prevail. Something needs to be done."

The ban on re-fuelling this season has had a significant impact, yet could be re-introduced if all the teams were in agreement.

"I think it would be very easy to fix it up. They just need to take the brakes off and leave it up to the teams," added Stoddart.

"Re-fuelling can't be brought back until the teams get back to Europe, but then it should be fairly easy.

"There are re-fuelling rigs available to the new teams, and it's only an extra two people on the pit crew for the stops.

"Different tyres would also do the job, but that could be a bit harder."