There's more to life than just driving fast cars

David Tremayne reveals a strange menu of pastimes from making pizza to mountain biking
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David Tremayne reveals a strange menu of pastimes from making pizza to mountain biking

Michael Schumacher

The only thing that matters in Michael Schumacher's professional life is racing, racing and racing. Oh, and the odd game of football, at which he is, as you would expect, pretty nifty. "The incredible thing about him," says Ferrari's technical director, Ross Brawn, "is that even when he isn't racing or testing our car, he is out somewhere driving a kart. He does it for fun, he does it if somebody else beats him because he wants to beat them. It's just something inside him. He just loves it."

Rubens Barrichello

How many drivers will admit to you that the thing that makes them happiest is when they arrive back home and the first thing they see in their garage is their wife's car? Step forward Rubinho, who says that the other major thing in his life away from the circuits is his son, Eduardo.

Juan Pablo Montoya

Like Mario Andretti, the Colombian is a great collector of anything that moves fast, and in particular has an enviable collection of classic cars.

David Coulthard

The 33-year-old Scot is a canny businessmen who always has an eye out for a good investment. Among Coulthard's business interests away from the Formula One track is his five-star hotel in Monte Carlo, The Columbus.

Kimi Raikkonen

As a child Raikkonen had a passion for ice hockey, until the early training hours made him look for something that let him lie in longer. He still plays regularly, joining in with the NHL in Bratislava last August even after a crash at Hockenheim.

Jarno Trulli

Like another former Prost driver, Jean Alesi, Trulli is a wine buff and produces his own, a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo under the Podere Castorani label at his vineyard in the hills near his home town of Pescara.

Fernando Alonso

Like Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso is a big football fan. Actually, he is a huge fan, and is a walking encyclopaedia on Real Madrid. When the Spaniard is not driving, he will be kicking a ball around with his mates.

Jenson Button

The Englishman spends a lot of his time in Monte Carlo exercising, and likes mountain biking. He's also fond of entertaining old schoolmates, and is highly supportive of the burgeoning singing career of his fiancée Louise Griffiths.

Giancarlo Fisichella

In the backyard of his villa on the outskirts of Rome, Fisichella has a proper pizza oven and relaxes by going through the full ritual of preparing all the ingredients and kneading the dough, to make the full Neapolitan treat.

Felipe Massa

The 23-year-old Brazilian is a big fan of football. "When I was a kid I really wanted to be a football player, but having taken part in some high-quality charity matches, especially one at Imola in April, I think I am better off driving the car." His other private pastime is mimicking his favourite film stars.

Mark Webber

While London was wrapped up with the Formula One demonstration Mark Webber, who had recently participated in a 24-hour bike race (his team finished 33rd out of 400), went to Arras to visit his hero Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France.

Olivier Panis

When Olivier Panis isn't spending time with his wife Anne and their children Aurélien, Caroline and Lauren, the French veteran blows out the cobwebs in Bandol in his speedboat.

Cristiano Da Matta

The former CART champion is a major mountain biking fan and frequently takes part in races. But when he really wants to relax, it's out with the guitar.

Alexander Wurz

A former BMX champion, Austrian Wurz, a former race driver for Benetton now testing for McLaren, is a big fan of all extreme sports. He's a great rollerblader and has recently got into rock climbing, too.