US F1 team aim for January testing

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US F1 team principal Ken Anderson has revealed the team will be ready to test in January ahead of their debut season next year.

The Charlotte-based team will be one of three new marques on the grid for 2010, although questions have recently been raised by both Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley as to whether they will make it.

However, the team has released photographs of their facilities and of the car being designed on computer, with Anderson confident the team will be on the grid come March.

"It has been quite a ride since we started the team last year, and has become far more intense since the signing of the Concorde Agreement," commented Anderson.

"Our world headquarters is now complete and fully functional, and the 2010 race car is in the construction phase.

"Thanks to our in-house design and engineering staff and the aid of our technical partners, for the last 10 to 12 months, the car has gone through thousands of iterations in a virtual environment.

"With this virtual design, we can test and be sure that it's right from structural, design and engineering standpoints, so we don't have to make a part, test it, break it and start again.

"Instead, we've taken out a lot of the guesswork and can get close to a race-ready piece right off of the machines, which is happening now.

"Our timing is according to plan, with an early November 'roller' and a finished car in time for January 2010 testing."

Anderson has confirmed the car is being built in America with the team recruiting a number of personnel over the last few months, and with more to come on board.

"Many of our new hires we connected with back in June and July, and they will be joining the team formally at the end of the month," said Anderson.

"We are very grateful to the current Formula One teams for releasing some of our 'newest' team members early.

"That has been a huge help as we continue to prepare for the 2010 Formula One season."