Video: Motorcyclist clings on to rival's bike after 200mph crash

Serious injury avoided after incredible quick thinking

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A motorcyclist managed to escape with just minor injuries after clinging to the back of his competitor's bike after a collision.

Video footage has emerged of the incredible moment two riders collided when competing in a drag race.

As Filippos Papafilippou was thrown from his bike at a speed of close to 200mph, he somehow managed to hold on to the rear of his rival's vehicle.

In an accident that would likely of caused serious injury or perhaps worse, Papafilippou managed to walk away with just a minor ankle injury.

The footage shows his own vehicle juddering one way and then the other before sliding along on it's side at great speed during the quarter mile race at a European Drag Bike racing event in Bedfordshire. The bike can then be seen bursting into flames.

Watch the incident below...