Motorcycling: Cadalora upstages Doohan

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LUCA CADALORA, of Italy, won his first race of the season when he took the United States Grand Prix at Monterey in Calfornia, riding a Yamaha.

Cadalora passed the world champion elect, Mick Doohan of Australia, on the eighth lap and steadily pulled away for an easy win. Doohan had to settle for third place, behind John Kocinski.

Doohan led on his Honda for the first seven laps of the 33-lap race around the 3.534km (1.76 miles) Laguna Seca Raceway, but by the third lap Cadalora began to make some moves. He moved past Kocinski into second place on the third lap, and five laps later he made a smooth pass going into a left- hand hairpin. Two laps later, Kocinski got round Doohan, and the top three did not change for the final 22 laps.

Cadalora's victory moved him into fourth place in the overall standings, just one point behind Kocinski, who moved up from fifth to third. There are two more rounds left in the 14-round series.

US GRAND PRIX (Monterey) 500cc: 1 L Cadalora (It) Yamaha 48min 0.370sec; 2 J Kocinski (US) Cagiva 48:08.266; 3 M Doohan (Aus) Honda 48:25.246; 4 S Itoh (Japan) Honda 48:36.495; 5 D Chandler (US) Cagiva 48:36.500; 6 N Abe (Japan) Yamaha 48:44.824; 7 A Puig (Sp) Honda 48:59.486; 8 A Barros (Br) Suzuki 49:11.396; 9 J McWilliams (GB) Yamaha 49:16.258; 10 N Mackenzie (GB) Yamaha 49:23.286. Leading world championship standings: 1 Doohan 272; 2 K Schwantz (US) Suzuki 169; 3 Kocinski 140; 4 Cadalora 139; 5 Puig 132; 6 Itoh 128; 7 A Criville (Sp) Honda 122; 8 Barros 116; 9 Chandler 70; 10 Mackenzie 56.