Murphy's law is too good to be true

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Connoisseurs of programme notes will be aware that the thoughts of Colin Murphy can wander off in strange directions at times. Indeed, during his days at Lincoln and Southend his regular recourse to bizarre analogies earned him something of a cult following.

The English language is the loser, nowadays, sadly. As general manager of Notts County, he leaves the message to the fans in the hands of the team manager, Steve Thompson.

But that does not mean that the old Murphy grey matter has ceased to muse along lines that are, let's say, less than orthodox - as evidenced by some observations spotted in Nottingham's Football Post on Saturday.

Asked why the striker Tony Battersby, who scored seven goals in 14 starts last season, could no longer get in the side, Murphy offered an explanation which, so far as he was concerned, was quite straightforward...

"Tony has both physical and technical ability, which can be quite rare in a centre-forward," he said.

"If a player has only one real strength then it is not too difficult for him to develop it, but when he has both qualities, as Tony does, it can be hard to marry them up.

"This will obviously stand him in good stead in time, but in the early stages of a career it can be to a player's detriment."

So there you have it. Perfectly simple. Sorry, son, you're just too good...