Naked ambition runs wild in the country

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Peter Schiltz, player-coach of the Bungaree country team in Victoria, has been trying hard to find the reason for his team's losing streak. He has not found it yet, but he has changed his training methods in a novel way: his team have been working out in the nude.

After a run of defeats Schiltz made the team strip off in 2C weather. The player-coach had been disappointed after his fourth-placed team lost to fifth placed Hepburn.

"I was looking for a bit of inspiration," Schiltz said. "It was a spur of the moment decision."

After the order to strip was given - except for boots and socks - the players did a lap of the ground and a 10-minute ball drill.

Schiltz said the players were starting to enjoy themselves. "I actually had to tell them to get their gear back on," he said.

The only witness to the scene was the team's female trainer, who remained fully clothed while she took stock of proceedings from the sidelines.

"Something needed to be done to lift our spirits and liven up training," Schiltz said.

Sadly, the tactic failed. Bungaree lost its next game against top-of- the-table Hepburn.