Newcastle's knock-on

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Q. Fulham, the Third Division Club, demolished Swansea City, from the Second, 7-0 in the first round of the FA Cup. Is this a record for a club in a lower division over one placed higher?

A. Exeter City beat Newcastle United 4-0 in a fifth-round replay of the FA Cup on 18 February 1981. It was also a win for a Third Division side over a club from the Second. However, an unwelcome consequence was the physical attacks the following weekend in Newcastle on sailors just ashore from HMS Exeter, who were naturally bewildered by their sudden unpopularity - Andrew Long, Hagley

Q. What happened to Ickey Woods, the American Football running back with Cincinnati?

A. Woods was the 31st player selected overall and the Cincinnati Bengals second-round draft choice in 1988. He had played college football at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

His first year in pro football was his best. During the regular season he rushed for 1,066 yards in 203 attempts. He scored 15 touchdowns to lead the AFC. His best professional game was when he rushed for 141yds and two touchdowns against the San Diego Chargers.

Woods was instrumental in Cincinnati's appearance in the Super Bowl that season, a loss to the San Francisco 49ers. In the play-offs he carried the ball 72 times for 307yds and three touchdowns (20 times for 79yds in the Super Bowl). Woods played two games in 1989 before a knee injury ended his season. He had carried the ball 29 times for only 94yds and two touchdowns. 1990 saw an improvement as Woods played in 10 games, rushing for 268yds and six touchdowns.

1991 was his last year. Recurrent knee injuries forced him to retire, but he had reached the benchmark of a good runner (1,000yds in a season) and played in a Super Bowl. - Andrew Canadine, Loughborough

Q. In August 1977, Steve Ovett won a half-marathon and two weeks later the World Cup 1500 metres. Has any other athlete shown such mastery of distance and surface in such a short time?

A. In February 1989, Liz McColgan flew from Tucson, Arizona, to Budapest and although finishing second to Elly van Hulst in the 3,000 metres on 4 March, broke the world indoor record held by Zola Budd. Ten minutes later she finished sixth in the final of the 1500m. She flew to Orlando the next day and within the week competed in the Red Lobster 10km on the road, breaking the world record. Two world records on different surfaces in less than 10 days. - John H Anderson, Errol, Tayside

Q. Why did early cricket teams send in their strongest batsmen before their weakest? What would be the effect on cricket if the process was reversed?

A. Openers wear down the best bowlers, so that lower-order batsmen can make some runs. The best opener need not be a high scorer, but someone capable of attrition. - Ralph Gee, Nottingham


Q. Following Tony Coton's move from Manchester City to United, how many other footballers have played for both clubs? - Miss K Brown, London W10

Q. What is the record number of Premiership or old First Division clubs to be knocked out of the third round of the FA Cup in one season? - Clare Wishart, Cardiff

Q. Who was the first boxer to win world titles at different weights? - Michael O'Byrne, Liverpool

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