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Germany 2 Yugoslavia 2


Goals: Tarnat 74, Bierhoff 79

Yellow cards: 1 (Matthaus)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 4

Offside: 2

Free-kicks (against): 14

Coach: Berti Vogts

Goals: Stankovic 13, Stojkovic 54

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 6

Offside: 2

Free-kicks (against): 14

Coach: Slobodan Santrac

Running commentary

5 min: Yugoslavia's bright start sees Stojkovic fire an early warning across Kopke's goal.

13 min: Jugovic angles a dangerous ball in from the left and Kopke, obstructed by Stankovic's run, appears to have the last touch as the ball goes over the line off the far post.

21 min: Germany only threatening from set-pieces - Moller slants one dangerous free-kick narrowly over the bar.

28 min: Petrovic wins himself room for a stinging cross-shot which Kopke beats away.

45 min: Klinsmann flickers into view as he moves onto Moller's pass but crowded out. 46 min: Matthaus comes on to create new World Cup finals appearance record.

54 min: Jokanovic leads a lightning break, Kopke allows Kovacevic's cross to roll underneath him and Stojkovic scores.

70 min: Kirsten, a substitute for Moller, signals German fightback with a first-time volley struck wide.

73 min: Tarnat's free-kick deflects off Mihajlovic outstretched leg past his goalkeeper.

77 min: Matthaus booked for foul.

78 min: Kralj splendidly tips Bierhoff's header on to the bar.

80 min: The inevitable happens as another Bierhoff header powers in.

87 min: Klinsmann carried off after blocking Mihajlovic's free-kick with his body.