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Scotland's World Cup qualifying match in Sweden will be shown live by BBC Scotland on Wednesday, 30 April. BBC Scotland also hope to show live the final away tie in Belarus on Sunday, 8 June.

FIFA/COCA-COLA World Top 10: 1 Brazil; 2 Germany; 3 France; 4 Spain; 5 Denmark; 6 Czech Republic; 7 Italy; 8 Colombia; 9 Romania; 10 Netherlands. British Isles: 14 England; 24 Scotland; 41 Republic of Ireland; 63 Northern Ireland; 81 Wales.

FA CARLING PREMIERSHIP Fixture change: Thu 8 May: Blackburn v Middlesbrough (from 16 April).

NATIONWIDE FOOTBALL LEAGUE Fixture change: Fri 25 April: Portsmouth v Ipswich (from Sat 26 April).