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International athletics officials have launched an investigation into a fight which broke out when a drug tester tried to take urine samples from Greek athletes in Germany last week. The International Amateur Athletic Federation said yesterday it was studying a report from one of its drug testers, who alleges he was pushed about by an angry Greek coach when he was trying to carry out random training tests in Dortmund. The doping official was unable to take any urine samples for analysis and the Greek athletes could face a four-year ban if they are found guilty of having refused to provide them - the equivalent of testing positive for banned substances under IAAF rules.

Zola Pieterse, the two-time former world champion, will aim to complete a hat-trick in next month's World Cross-country Championships in Italy. Pieterse - who won the title as a teenage Zola Budd running for Britain in 1984 and 1985 - has been named in the South African squad to contest the event in Turin on 23 March.