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Germany took the gold medal in the Eden Cup World Series Junior men's foil competition at Crystal Palace on Saturday as Felix Reichling, who tops world rankings, defeated Poland's Andrej Zamlynny 15-12 in an evenly matched final. Britain's James Beevers improved on his 1995 performance to finish fifth. Sam Johnson, Briatin's No 1 and the world No 3, unexpectedly lost 15-12 to the Austrian Andrea Frischauf and finished 35th overall.

EDEN CUP WORLD SERIES Junior men's foil (Crystal Palace): 1 F Reichling (Ger); 2 A Zamlynny (Pol); 3 M Daerr (Ger) and L Attely (Fr); 5 J Beevers (GB); 6 P Dulex (Switz); 7 T Tahoun (Egypt); 8 N Chirac (Fr).