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We will miss Matthew's personality and sense of humour. Ken Bates, Chelsea chairman, on the late Matthew Harding.

It's almost unbelievable that the game should lose somebody who had so much to offer, so young and in such circumstances, Glenn Hoddle, England manager and former Chelsea manager, on Harding.

When you've spent pounds 60m you deserve an unbelievable day every now and then, Kevin Keegan, Newcastle manager, to Sir John Hall, the Newcastle chairman, after the 5-0 victory over Manchester United.

If he [Cantona] was honest he would have to admit he was lucky to stay on the pitch. Philippe Albert, Newcastle defender.

I'm a disgrace. Paul Gascoigne, who struck his wife and was sent off playing for Rangers against Ajax.

When I do explode it's all anyone ever talks about, not the rest of my game. It's gone on like this for the whole of my career and I'm sick of it. John McEnroe up to his old tricks again, this time in a Seniors tennis event in Johannesburg.