No question of identity

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Sir: Even in victory I whiffed the familiar pong of sour grapes from Alan Murdoch's very biased "Sweet Molly sings different tune" (Independent, 23 January).

Irish rugby supporters have the same problem relating to the identities of second generation players such as Geoghegan and Burke as their English counterparts have - none! Indeed, scanning the English squad I note such "English" birthplaces as South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Wales and even Ireland.

True, England supporters were excellent both at the game and Dublin's pubs, endearing even, clutching emptied Guinness pint glasses for refilling, playing their drinking games, and always have the right change. One cravated gentleman even asked a rather miffed barman for the telephone code for the "mainland."

"Charltonisation" of the Irish soccer team has brought with it great pride in our side, not just in Ireland but from the diaspora all over the world, including, I dare say Messrs Geoghegan and Burke. All that is now needed is a worthy stadium.

Perhaps Mr Murdoch should now change his Christian name.

Charltonisation? Fermentation more like.

Yours, Martin J Carey Kirkby in Ashfield Nottinghamshire 23 January