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If there had to be a result it was scripted for us to lose. Because we are professionals we're disappointed. Having said that, on a day like this it is wrong to talk about football.

Gerry Francis, on Tottenham's unenviable role in an emotional day at Stamford Bridge.

I thought it was a marvellous performance from us after Roy was sent off. After playing so well we just ran out of steam in the last 15 minutes.

Alex Ferguson. But what would have happened if United had played badly?

He must have been very brave.

Graeme Souness, on a suggestion that Eric Cantona may have lashed out, unseen by the referee, at Southampton's giant defender Ulrich van Gobbel.

I was criticised at Highbury for not replacing people over 30 years of age like Dixon, Bould and Winterburn. Today they showed how good they still are.

George Graham, waxing lyrical about his old team.

We've missed Alan today and England will miss him in Georgia. But if we're going to lose every time we've lost one player we can't pretend we are going to win the championship.

Kevin Keegan, worried about Shearer-dependency after the defeat at Leicester.

He had a plane to catch to Milan at eight o'clock and I was hoping to be leading 2-0 with 20 minutes left so I could tell him to go.

David Pleat, after Coventry foiled his beat-the-traffic plan for Benito Carbone.