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The referee is off my Christmas card list but I have to apologise for my actions. I was out of order and completely unprofessional...'

A repentant Peter Reid after his run-in with Paul Danson at Highbury.

`If Paul Stewart had been my player I would have been very disappointed to see him sent off for handball.'

A sympathetic Pat Rice, the Arsenal caretaker manager.

`I wish people would forget the hairstyle. I want to be judged as a football player rather than on other things that people think are relevant to me.'

A close-cropped Jason Lee, after his last-gasp equaliser had silenced the jibes at Stamford Bridge.

`It was frustrating to have so many chances and do nothing with them but I have nothing to blame my players for. Everyone wants to win the game and they did everything to do that.'

Ruud Gullit, wishing his Chelsea strikers had been more like Lee.

`They were very aware if they had lost it would have been the worst start to a season by a Southampton team, and that helped motivate them.'

Graeme Souness, seeking to explain unexpected happenings at The Dell.

`I would love to bring in new players but it's a big headache. All the good players are already at good clubs.'

George Graham, facing up to how life is at Leeds.

`I do not want my players drinking 15 beers. They will have to change their social habits.

Arsene Wenger, explaining how life will be at Arsenal.