Olympic Games: Leading official makes corruption claim

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Olympic Games

Leading official makes corruption claim

Olympic chiefs have decided against rewriting the results of past Games in the light of doping revelations in the former East Germany (GDR). After studying requests from four American swimmers and the British swimmer Sharron Davies, who were all beaten by GDR competitors, the IOC said yesterday that changing the results would pose serious legal problems. Davies finished second in the 400m individual medley at the 1980 Games behind the East German Petra Schneider, who has since conceded she unknowingly took drugs. "It was not a surprise, it was what I expected from speaking with British Olympic officials," said Davies. "I am not disappointed. My aim was not to get the gold medal, but official recognition in some way of what happened. I certainly don't want to take medals away from anybody and the East German swimmers are paying the price in ill- health. But it was not them, it was the system."