Olympic Games / Olympic Countdown - Fencing: Goal for Lamour

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FRANCE, Italy and Hungary are traditionally the strongest fencing nations, but the Unified Team are likely to be the favourites in Barcelona. The former Soviet Union are the current world team champions in epee and sabre, and Grigoriy Kirienko and Andrei Chouvalov are the individual title holders in those two events.

Fencing has been included in every Games since 1896. In Barcelona, the men will compete in three disciplines, foil, epee and sabre, with individual and team medals in all three categories. Women compete only in foil, for both team and individual medals.

The outstanding individual performer could be the Frenchman, Jean-Francois Lamour, who competes in the sabre. He is attempting to become the first fencer ever to win three consecutive Olympic gold medals.

Britain last won a fencing medal 28 years ago. The best hope of British success is likely to be Steven Paul, aged 38, who will be competing in his third Games in the men's epee.

GREAT BRITAIN: MEN: Foil: T Bartlett (London), J Davis (London/Belfast), B Gosbee (London), D McKenzie (Edinburgh), C Chin (Edinburgh). Sabre: I Williams (Guildford), J Williams (Huddersfield), K Zavieh (London), A Zahir (London), G Fletcher (Ashton). Epee: S Paul (London). WOMEN: Foil: F McIntosh (Edinburgh), L Strachan (London), J Bracewell (Edinburgh), A Ferguson (Ashton), S Mawby (York).