Olympics 1992 Test your Olympics knowledge

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1 At which Games did the Olympic flame make its debut?

2 Which double gold medallist from Cuba was known as 'White Lightning'?

3 When were the first authenticated Olympic Games in ancient Greece held?

4 Who was the first female Olympic champion and in which sport?

5 Which former president of the International Olympic Committee won the 400m hurdles in 1928?

6 Who won Britain's only individual gymnastics medal and in which year?

7 Name the American-based Polish women's sprint champion who turned out to be a man after she was shot dead in Cleveland, Ohio at the age of 69?

8 Which husband and wife won gold medals within an hour of each other in 1952?

9 Which great Olympian became the first person to swim the 100m freestyle in less than one minute?

10 What job did Lasse Viren, twice gold medallist in 5,000m and 10,000m, do in his native Finland?

11 Who won the race in which Zola Budd collided with Mary Slaney?

12 Who is the only runner to qualify for the final of the same event in four successive Olympics?

13 Who came second behind Seb Coe in the 1500m final in Moscow?

14 Which member of the British team for Barcelona won a bronze medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960?

15 Who achieved the highest medal tally at a single Games and how many medals were involved?

16 How long did the longest recorded Olympic wrestling bout take to complete?

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