Coe pledges to keep 2012 prices in check

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The organisers of the 2012 London Olympics pledged affordable tickets and a crackdown on ticket touts when questioned by MPs yesterday.

But the Culture, Media and Sport Committee's opening session on the 2012 Olympics heard that considerable investment was needed to develop home-grown world-class coaches to produce an increased number of medal winners.

Concerns about prices, progress, profitability and planning were addressed by Lord Coe, the organising committee's chairman, and his deputy, Keith Mills.

Lord Coe assured MPs that "making sure people have access at sensible prices" was a priority, with half of the eight million tickets priced at £20 or less. "It's a delicate balance raising the revenue we require and making sure we have full stadiums," Mills said.

Steps would also be taken to prevent a "bonanza" for ticket touts. Mills added: "There are some exciting electronic solutions coming through," so that abuses would be "possible to stop or at least minimise."