Collins: cheating is part of human nature

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The World and Commonwealth 100 metres champion, Kim Collins, believes it is human nature to cheat in the pursuit of success, but expects a "clean" 100m final at the Olympics.

The build-up to the Athens Games continues to be overshadowed by the subject of drug abuse among athletes, and the 28-year-old St Kitts & Nevis sprinter, who won his first major title in Manchester two years ago before claiming the world championship in Paris, said: "We can't control what people do. In the future ...people could create something which is undetectable, maybe have some shoes which are unfair to the competition - we can't stop that.

"As the authorities get smarter, so does the criminal. There is nothing I can do about it. You want to come and compete, have a good clean sport, but there are other things that come into play."

He continued: "We are people - we cheat in everything we do. We cheat in taxes, in tests, in relationships. We always feel we could never get caught in what we do, so we cheat.

"Eventually you get caught, but if you don't you end up in other problems within yourself. That is the price to pay after."