Football draw delays London's next Olympic ticket sale


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The organisers of the London Olympics are still to decide when the next round of ticket sales will begin. A further 2.5 million tickets will be released but because the draw for the football is not until the end of next month and the London mayoral election are at the start of May, Locog have yet to settle on a date.

The one million non-football tickets available are likely to sell quickly, but football tickets have proved less attractive. The draw, which will include Stuart Pearce's Great Britain side, Brazil and Spain, is scheduled for 24 April, and Locog hope that once the public know who is playing where there will be a lot more interest.

Details of exactly what other tickets are on offer have yet to be determined. Locog have been criticised over a lack of openness around ticketing.

"The reason I cannot tell you exactly is because we are finalising how many it will be," said Paul Deighton, Locog's chief executive. "As we finalise the last details of the seating plan there will be more seats that become available. The schedule is not finalised because we want to make sure it is after the football draw."

The International Olympic Committee yesterday completed their final inspection and declared London "ready".