Get your Gamesface on!

Cisco puts the fun back in to the serious business of network infrastructure

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The media is alive with dynamic, slow motion shots of athletes straining every sinew to get the most out of their performance.

Eyes wide, teeth gritted, veins popping. It’s their games face.

Cisco is inviting fans to “Get their GamesFace on” at the CiscoCloud at the Olympic Park.

There are five booths available at the CiscoCloud where fans can have a 10-second 3D video recorded, mixed with Olympic, Paralympic and their Facebook images. There is then the option to share this on Facebook and/or have it displayed on the CiscoCloud screen in the Park.

Anyone not lucky enough to be going to the London 2012 Games needn’t frown, because GamesFaces can also be created online at

Everyone who creates a GamesFace, either in the park or online, is then in with a chance to win tickets to the Paralympic Games.

CiscoCloud will also capture the “mood of the nation” during the Games by collecting all the emotive words from the London 2012 Games Twitter stream, and then displaying them through changing colours on the wordpool screen. So tweeters who are excited about watching the events should tweet @London2012 and include #CiscoCloud.

The fun continues with the legacy of the Games

As the official network infrastructure supporter of the London 2012 Games, Cisco is committed to making the investment pay dividends well into the future. Working with secondary schools across the UK through various educational initiatives, Cisco is striving to make learning more fun and more engaging.

These initiatives include supplying over 120,000 books to inspire 14 to 16-year-olds to further their Science and Maths learning. The Cisco Networking Academy teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot and secure computer networks.

And the “Get Set” programme has Cisco leaving a part of their network infrastructure behind for the schools of East London.

So, while fans will have great memories of the London 2012 Games written all over their faces, children in East London and all over the world will benefit from the legacy.



It's not just sport! The Olympics will also inspire a new generation of engineers

The most lasting effect of London 2012 has been to generate immense interest among pupils all over Britain in science, technology, engineering and maths.