Hockey: Britain outscrap Kiwis to keep medal hopes alive

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Great Britain's women kept their medal hopes alive with a scrappy 2-1 victory over New Zealand at the Olympic Green Hockey Stadium. However, with just four points and two matches remaining in Pool B they realistically have to win both and hope that the defending champions and group leaders Germany do them a favour against Argentina tomorrow.

Great Britain's head coach, Danny Kerry, said: "I am delighted, not only with the result but also with the manner we won. In the second half I felt we played well and generated a lot of opportunities."

He was in agreement with the decision to disallow Anne Panter's first-half goal, saying there was a grey area between what was a hit and what was a sweep. "There hasn't been any clarity on what defines a sweep or a hit or a push and they [the authorities] can't tell you if you ask them," Kerry said. "But I was happy with the decision. If it had been scored against us I would probably have been going nuts."