IOC lift ban on Indian Olympic Association after 14 month suspension for corruption

The appointment of new president Narayna Ramachandran has led to the national body being reinstated

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The International Olympic Committee announced on Tuesday it has lifted a 14-month suspension imposed on the Indian Olympic Association - the first time such a sanction has been removed during a Games.

The IOA was banned from taking part in Olympic competition amid allegations of corrupt officials, but the appointment of Narayna Ramachandran as its new president on Monday has led to the national body being reinstated.

Ramachandran, the president of the World Squash Federation, has been joined by Rajeev Mehta and Anil Khanna as the new secretary general and treasurer, respectively.

The decision to lift the ban during the ongoing Winter Games means India's three athletes in Sochi, who have been competing as Independent Olympic Participants, will now compete under the Indian flag, which will also be raised in the Olympic Village to mark the move.

The trio, Himanshu Thakur, Shiva Keshavan and Nadeem Iqbal, entered the arena during last Friday's opening ceremony under the Olympic flag, but will walk behind the India flag at the closing ceremony on February 23.