Kederis and Thanou to face criminal investigation

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The Greek sprinters Konstadinos Kederis and Ekaterini Thanou face a criminal investigation over their missed drugs tests and motorcycle crash, according to a well-placed judicial source.

The athletes were granted another delay yesterday as Athens police intensified an investigation into the accident that left them hospitalised.

The city's chief prosecutor told police to get statements from the sprinters at the hospital where they are being treated for cuts and bruises from Thursday's crash, said two court sources.

Prosecutor Dimitris Papagelopoulos has also asked the chief medical examiner to visit them, the sources confirmed. They are expected to be released today, the hospital said in a statement.

Police are looking for evidence of the accident, which has slowed the IOC's inquiry. The IOC disciplinary committee granted a request from the sprinters' lawyer to postpone the hearing until tomorrow, when they are expected to testify. It was the second time the hearing was pushed back.

"What interests them most is for the Greeks to be proud of them and to know the medals they've won, they won them honourably," said their lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos.

Kederis, the reigning 200m champion, is the country's most celebrated athlete. Thanou, the 100m silver medalist in Sydney four years ago, is his training partner.

The Greek Olympic Committee suspended both athletes and their coach, Christos Tsekos, on Saturday, pending a final decision by the IOC.