London Eye: Fans left out at newcastle after five-hour queue


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The Sports Direct Arena name and sign was banished for the two weeks of the Olympics with consummate ease to satisfy the Games' marketing rules – if only buying tickets for the venue had been so easy.

While some fans were delighted to be there (right) many more encountered chaotic scenes when trying to buy tickets for the men's Mexico v South Korea football match.

Large queues forced swathes to miss the game – supporters had been queueing before the box office at the ground opened at 9.30am, but still couldn't get into the ground in time for the 2.30pm Group B fixture.

"We cannot allow this to happen again," the Locog North East representative, Geoff Hodgson said. "Unlike every other sport there was not a test event for football at a football ground that was being used."

One disappointed supporter fumed: "It was the first game I'd brought my little boy to and we missed the whole game."

If it was any comfort for the unlucky supporters, they didn't miss much, the game ended in a drab goalless draw.

Coach sails too close to the wind

South Korea's sailing coach, Lee Jae-cheol, enjoyed himself a bit too much at the welcome party for his nationin Weymouth, and was arrested for drink-driving after being found to be more than twice over the limit on the way home early on Wednesday. Lee, 38, has since been fined £340 and sent home by the South Korea officials.

Don't call us, we'll call you, maybe

Taking inspiration from Tom Daley and his fellow divers' recent effort to lip-synch to LMFAO's song Sexy And I Know It the trend of athletes posting DIY music videos on Youtube continues.

The US women's rowing team have decided to cover Carly Rae Jepsen's No1 hit Call Me Maybe, complete with full, faultless choreography.

If they're as in synch in the open water as they are in the video, then the next effort they release will be a cover of a certain Spandau Ballet hit..."Gold"

Tweets of the day

"Casual late breakfast done, a couple of light stretches to kill time before afternoon training session. #lifeofanathlete" Richard Buck, GB 400m runner

"Me and @bobby_white_12 (Bobby White, team-mate) just casually just had a coffee and a chat with Giggsy and Bellamy! #standard" Ciaran Williams, GB handball

"Think I've just seen LL Cool J bopping through the camp! If anyone can take picture let it be known!!" Andrew Osagie, GB 800m