Olympic Question Time: Your queries answered

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Q. What's the bullfighter trumpet song played during the beach volleyball? The snippet is very short and ends with fans shouting: "Ole!" I love it! Karen Fong

A. "Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-daaa… OLE!" It's great, isn't it? It appears to be a traditional military march and goes back to the days of the Alamo, when the Mexicans played it ahead of battle. Its title is "El Deguello", which means "put to the sword", as opposed to "hit the ball around on the sand".

Q. Which country is in last place at the Olympics? Nigel Patterson

A. Sorry to break the bad news, but the team most deserving of that title is Team GB. Forget gold, silver and bronze for a while and focus on last, second-last and third-last, and the table of shame puts Britain on top, followed after some distance by Ukraine and Australia. Why? As host nation, we can enter whichever event we like, no matter how hapless.

Q. Who designed the colourless kit US athletes wear for medal ceremonies? Why so dull? Chris Daniels

A. Come come, not everyone can have a Stella McCartney creation like Team GB, and Nike has given the world no end of so-bright-it-hurts-your-eyes yellow trainers, as featured in Wednesday's column. And, in fact, when you see those grey jackets in the flesh, they can be dazzlingly bright – they're made of reflective material but that doesn't always show up on TV. The athletes are said to be rather fond of them, too – inside they have "land of the free, home of the brave" in the back. Cue the tears.

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