Olympic Shorts: BBC aims to improve…; Israel alert for attacks; Stadium shortlisted


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BBC aims to improve…

The television presenter Huw Edwards has held private talks with Danny Boyle about the film director's Olympic opening ceremony to avoid criticism of the BBC's coverage. Boyle, who has already been involved in a "spat" over camera positioning, has stressed the critical importance of the musical soundtrack to his "vision".

Israel alert for attacks

Israel is on alert for plots to kill its citizens at during the Olympics, the country's prime minister, Bejamin Netanyahu, said, after five Israelis died in a bomb attack in Bulgaria last week. Defence minister Ehud Barak said the Games are a "natural target".

Stadium shortlisted

The Olympic Stadium has been shortlisted for the Stirling Prize for architecture. While it has been criticised by some as uninspiring, the stadium has a "spirit of fun" and will "create an amazing atmosphere", according to the judges.