Olympic Shorts: Bigot of the year in face off with Sharron Davies

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Media types have speculated as to whether Mail Online writers could resist giving their expert opinion on the athletes' curves (or just how they managed to "pour" them into their "revealing" outfits), but so far they have behaved themselves. The same can't be said for Jan Moir, who on page 7 of yesterday's Daily Mail did a hatchet job on BBC's poolside interviewer Sharron Davies.

"What in the name of crispy grilled trout pout with almonds has happened to Sharron Davies's face?" cried the columnist. "Sharron is going for gold. What I mean is, if she manages to move her facial muscles before midnight, someone should give her a medal."

Buttering up Davies for a final attack, Moir praised the 1980 Olympic swimming silver medallist as a splendid woman, and a terrific commentator". "But now she just looks like she's swimming in Botox. Against the tide," she added.

Davies did not take the jibes on the chin. She described Moir as a "small-minded, ill-informed, bad journalist", later tweeting: "Maybe if you have no talent you have to make a name for yourself by slagging off others, [it's] best to just ignore it."

Popular opinion may side with Davies, but let's not forget Moir has also won awards. She was named Stonewall's Bigot of the Year for her 2009 opinion piece on the death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, which many believed linked his passing with his homosexuality.

PM trips on line fantastic

David Cameron shunned his ministerial car to travel on the Bakerloo Line yesterday in an effort to show solidarity with London's commuters.

"I've just actually come on the Tube myself to see what the traffic situation is like – not too bad," the Prime Minister told Sky News as he heaped praise on the capital's transport workers.

Mr Cameron also made a rare appearance alongside the French President, François Hollande, at the handball, having snubbed the Socialist candidate when he made a campaign visit in February.

Medal mishap for judoka

Felipe Kitadai, who won bronze for Brazil in the men's 60kg judo division, has already managed to damage his medal. The 23-year-old was so happy with his victory on Saturday that he has carried it everywhere, including the shower, but managed to drop it while trying to keep it from getting wet. The string broke and the medal was dented.

Quote of the day

'On the phone to my mum. Mum: "Do * want to say good luck to your brother?" My brother: "You're sh*t" ' - Diver Tom Daley (writing on Twitter – @TomDaley1994) finds that family members are not always your biggest fans.