Olympic shorts: Sponsors' tickets sold to the public


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An investigation has been launched after Olympics tickets allocated to sponsors were sold to the public for a 20 per cent mark-up. According to the BBC, tickets issued to three of the biggest sponsors have been sold on in breach of International Olympic Committee rules.

They were sold by an authorised resale company, CoSport, which is allowed to sell tickets at a maximum 20 per cent mark up in America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Bulgaria, Norway and Sweden. EU laws allow British citizens to buy tickets issued to other member states.

Firms give up legal fight over road closures

Scores of small businesses have withdrawn their legal challenge to Olympics organisers over planned road closures and security restrictions which they claim will put jobs at risk. The firms' spokesman claimed test cases due to be launched at the High Court had to withdrawn because they could not compete with the "bottomless pockets" of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Saudis snub a first for women

Saudia Arabia is sending female athletes to the Games for the first time, making headlines around the world – but not at home. No official Saudi media covered the news that two women will compete in London, including Sarah Attar, left, who will run in the 800m race.

Worker quits over hours

An Olympics worker has quit, claiming organisers increased her hours from 40 hours a week to 60. Sam Cowan was due to manage volunteers in the athletes village for £500 a week.