Physique: Have you got the body of an Olympian? Never mind


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The Opening Ceremony certainly confirmed that Olympians come in all shapes and sizes. As they paraded around the track, we saw Zhang Zhaoxu, the Chinese basketball player, who towers over every other athlete at the Games at 7ft 3in. There's Asuka Teramoto, a Japanese gymnast, who weighs in at a teeny-tiny 66 pounds. The heaviest competitor is a judoist, a 480lb Guamanian called Ricardo Blas, Jnr.

After the BBC created the global fat scale last month, a gizmo that calculated which nationality your body type most resembled, it has come up with an app that determines which Olympian your body is most similar to, taking into account your weight and height. The data contains Team GB, as well as 10 per cent of all other Olympians. I was thrilled to discover that I had all the hallmarks of a 1,500m runner. Diego Ruiz from Spain. A man. Find your Olympic body double at: