Trending: Meet the official Olympic Eeyore


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It's probably fair to say that, amid the post opening-ceremony giddiness, a sober, sensible voice is one that ought to be heard.

But it's with a wide grin that we catch up with the Twitter feed of the Get Ahead of the Games Campaign. GAOTG is Transport for London's guide to helping the public get around the capital during the Games. Though, by the sounds of it, they'd really just prefer it if you stayed at home and did your best not to get in anybody's way.

GAOTG's Twitter feed is – given the current Olympic euphoria – almost hilariously Eeyore-ish. During last Thursday's central London torch relay, it Chicken Lickened: "The Torch comes to Kensington and the West End this afternoon. If ur going to c it enjoy it but expect delays and avoid the area if poss."

Enjoy. But avoid!

It's also annoyingly Mummying: "As it's still very hot outside, please take a bottle of water with you when travelling."

And bossy: "Going to the Games? Plan your journey using the spectator journey planner. Do not drive, no car parking available..." Alright, already!

We like to read it in the voice of Steve Coogan's swimming pool janitor in The Day Today: "In 2012... no-one was delayed..."