Olympic Diary

Bedford's bike in breakdown
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Let us hope that Paula Radcliffe has a smoother trip in the marathon than her friend Dave Bedford. Bedford, 54, is the former 10,000m world record holder who took the makers of the 118-118 advert to task for basing their runners on him. Less well known is his penchant for his motorbike, which he wanted to ride to Greece. Unfortunately he broke down on the M25, and conked out in Calais. He took a train to Athens.

One of the cameramen aboard the airship that collects spectacular aerial TV footage wondered whether he'd be able to smoke up there. It came as a relief to find not only his fellow lensman lighting up but both the pilots and the armed security guard as well. We're assured that the gas in the balloon isn't flammable.

With derisory crowds at many events, a turnout of 250 seems a low number to celebrate. Yet that is the capacity aboard the official spectator ferry for the sailing, and every seat was sold a month before the Olympics began. Hurrah not only for that, but also for the sailing organisers. The vast marina complex at Agios Kosmas has been sold, to be developed for the berthing of superyachts.

Good Day

Greek Playboy, which remained on sale after a judge rejected a request for a temporary injunction filed by the Games organisers over the use of the Olympic rings in a photospread. The judge said no more symbols must be used in future.

Bad Day

Indian weightlifter Pratima Kumari Na, banned because of a positive drugs test, said her coach ordered injections during training and controlled everything she ate or drank. The Indian media are asking why Na tested positive just a few days after the Sports Authority of India had declared her clean.

Quote of the day

"This will be the biggest memorable moment for me in my life because I did pretty well in the Olympics. At least I was ahead of one person." - Robina Muqim Yaar, 18, the first female Afghanistani athlete to compete at the Olympics. She finished seventh in her 100 metres heat in an Afghan record of 14.14sec.